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New Year, New Laptop, New News!

Hiya! Maggie Rainwater, owner + operator of HoosierDevil, here with a handy roundup of news and updates.


I’m starting the New Year on a brand new laptop and a brand-new-to-me OS! That’s right… this lifelong Windows user just switched to Mac! 👩🏻‍💻

I’ve had my Lenovo Edge 2 for 5+ years now and while it’s held up really well, its CPU capabilities have not kept up with the times. As a power user who does tech support full-time while also running an online business, I found several features of the new M1 MacBook very enticing. CPU speeds up to 3.5x faster?! 18-hour battery life?! That beautiful retina display?!

I’ve always had two main reservations when it comes to Macs: 1. They were not within my budget and 2. They would be so radically different from the Windows life I’ve led up until this point that they’d be really difficult to learn to use.

Turns out: neither of those is true! Affordability and budgets are different for everybody, but for me personally, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could buy the new MacBook Air for about the same amount of money that I expected to pay for another middle-of-the-road Windows laptop… but I got so many more powerful features with the Mac!

And now that I’ve had it for a couple days… #2 couldn’t be further from the truth either. I was SO NERVOUS about setting up this new laptop that I let it sit on the kitchen table, in the box, for a whole day - but when I did get started, it was SO EASY! Programs are so easy to install on this thing that I literally Googled if I was doing it right because it couldn’t possibly be as simple as it seemed.

I just drag and drop? What is this sorcery?! 🧙🏻‍♂️

And while the controls are a good deal different than my Windows laptop, they are VERY intuitive. I started swiping and scrolling on the new trackpad right away and I don’t feel any of that new laptop clumsiness that I expected.

Pretty much immediately after doing the initial setup I was able to start writing press releases and designing websites. And I’m really excited to get into more things it can do. I have video editing capabilities now… look out, world!

I’ll probably make another post or two telling y’all some particular features that I love about it - but for now, I wanted to share my excitement ❤️ Also, this is definitely not a sponsored post… just trying to give y’all a little insight into how I work and do a little nerding out with you 🤓

What kind of machine do you use for your work? Have you ever made the switch like I just did? Do you have a tip or trick for me? Reply to this email and let me know!


Darren Nicholson is going LIVE on his Facebook page next Friday night to share some new songs, take requests, and answer your questions! RSVP to the Facebook Event and tune in for the show!

Songs From the Road Band has signed with Prater Day, a Knoxville-based boutique booking agency, for exclusive representation. Read the full story on Bluegrass Today!

In addition to their (almost) weekly live streams, White Horse Black Mountain has an online portal where you can watch ALL their previous events! They offer individual shows for rent as well as subscription plans. Get your music fix here.

Thanks for reading and catching up with the world of HoosierDevil!

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